About Us

  • Started with a team of well-known, competent professionals with a strong history in Indian media industry, We are working with various OTT Platforms.
  • A complete OTT solution targeting in India and Indian people globally, OTT will include our own Digital TV, satellite TV channels.
  • Nexstar is working for multiple TV channels in India with linear and nonlinear tv channels as an Exclusive Partners for Sales & Marketing, Content Development, Distribution, Digital Innovations, PR Activities, Digital Promotions including all Corporate Clients, Government Clients,
  • Nexstar is into Sales & Marketing, Films & Music Video’s, Productions, Digital Marketing, Distribution, Event, Content, Ad Films, Digital Media Sales & Marketing, Influencer Marketing, All Social Media, SEO, Content Creation, Celebrities Management from Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. and regional stars, Brand Association & Activation, Platforms Marketing, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. for the Followers, Likes, Subscribers, YouTube Channel Monetization Services, Daily Bollywood content for your channels, including Digital channels, Production of TVC, Corporate films, Short films,  Hindi & Language Films, etc.
  • Nexstar is coordinating with several Ministries including Ministry of information and broadcasting coordinators for DAVP/NFDC/DIPR’s and other Indian Government related matters (Central/State) from channel end.
  • At Nexstar Media we see ourselves as the charioteers, who can spread the brilliance of the channels to the universe.
  • Nexstar Media has ability to attract industry professionals well established in their current organizations and unwilling to make a riskier move even for better pay packages/positions.
  • Having to settle for floating mediocre talent who command astronomical salaries without assured returns or accountability
  • Inability to attract fresh people from other industries at senior levels. Even if they do join, it takes years to develop a broad relationship base with clients and agencies.
  • Economic in-feasibility of an in-house set up in the absence of a critical mass to justify the cost of doing sales.
  • A similar situation prevails in other media markets including Radio, Print, Digital and Outdoors. Unabated supply of media is reducing the leverage for media owners in a growing media market. To help media owners successfully overcome the above challenges.
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